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  1. Child Brides Abound

    Do you want to screen it at a presentation? Then you can first download the video and then copy in a pen drive and screen it. If you, however, want to show to your students online, you can just play it on our website while your students watch. Meanwhile, could you tell us where are you located? Which school?

  2. Ayurveda Helps Villagers Stay Healthy

    Thank you Phil! Such support is our biggest strength!

  3. Untouchability Captured on Camera, Rajasthan

    Thank you very much Siddharth. It’s friends like you whose support is our greatest strength. Please keep supporting us and also share your opinion on our works.

  4. Incomplete Bridge Stalls Development

    Dear Vipin

    Thank you for watching this video. Gaya hafta Mukesh Kuamr ko Jharkhand ki mukhyamantri ne reporting ke liye sammanit kiya hai. Agar aap jaise log Mukesh ko issi tarah support karen, to wo aur bhi aacha kaam kar sakta hai. Isliye videos dekhte rahiye aur agar aapko koi samasya ko ujagar karna hai, to Mukesh ko jaroor contact kijiye

  5. Chennai Slum's
    Sanitation Woes

    Thank you for your comments. You can also help Mani by suggesting some untold stories in Chennai like this, on our website.

  6. Liquor Sans Bill
    Strategy To Kill?

    Thank you. Please keep watching Mani’s videos and giving your good feedback.

  7. Woman Wheels Her Way To Success

    Thank you so much for your views. It is much appreciated. We will pass your message on to Pratibha. Please keep watching and giving her feedback.

  8. Chennai Slum's
    Sanitation Woes

    Thank you for your support. We will definitely pass your message o to Mani. Please keep watching his videos as he has some interesting information coming up.

  9. It’s Mushroom Time
    In Solan!

    Thank you for watching our videos. We will definitely pass on your comment to our Correspondent. Please keep watching.

  10. Polythene Ban? It Exists Only On Paper

    Thank you. We will surely pass on your comment to Devidas. Pleas keep watching his videos.

  11. Villages Lack Healthcare

    Thank you. Please keep watching and giving us your views.

  12. Wave of Korean Culture Hits Nagaland

    Couldn’t agree with you more! Most of our indigenous communities are small in number and have limited resources to document or preserve their history and culture. This is why they are very vulnerable against cultural invasion because total loss of their language and culture is a real threat for them. Consider this: In many places within Nagaland, children are learning Korean instead of their own tribal language. As there is no library, no books, years down the line where can they learn that language?

  13. Walhe's Untouched
    Leprosy Patients

    Many, many thanks to you Bob! Viewers like you are our pillar of support and courage. The leprosy patients in this video are also stigmatized by the society which considers them untouchable. Rohini was the first reporter to tell the world that these people exist! We hope more people will watch this and come forward to reach out these poor people.

  14. Chennai Slum's
    Sanitation Woes

    Thank you Samuel Pradeep

  15. Economic Blockade Cripples Manipur

    Thank you Sothing. Achungmei Kamei was also very happy to hear of your comment. Like all our correspondents, Achungmei also has no personal access to Internet and can learn of a comment only through the IndiaUnheard team. Despite this technical challenges, she is trying to provide the world viewers the stories from her remote location. Please do keep watching

  16. Chennai Slum's
    Sanitation Woes

    Thank you! Our correspondent Mani has been very motivated by your kind words and now he is doing a video to show how the Chennai municipality is building roads and civic facilities in a proposed IT hub while ignoring a slum that is adjoining to the hub. Please do watch his videos

  17. School Is Here,
    Where Is Education?

    You can email us at this address info@videovolunteers.org

  18. Himalaya Celebrates
    Shepherds' Return

    Dear Ayla, you are probably having a temporary technical problem. Meanwhile, you can watch the same video on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/VideoVolunteers) and share your opinion there.

  19. Chennai Slum's
    Sanitation Woes

    Thank you Kirsten for your motivating words. You can also friend Mani on facebook (http://www.facebook.com/IndiaUnheard.Mani) and send him a direct message. Also, do keep watching his videos

  20. Prostitution Enforced By Tradition

    Thanks Rajan! Gunjan is already planning her next story on the ‘Dom’ – one of the most oppressed communities of India. Do keep watching IndiaUnheard.

  21. Transgender Woman
    Inspires Community

    Thanks to you too, Veena, for speaking to Christy and letting her show to the world that the Transgender community in India has such capable leaders!

  22. Drinking Water That
    Causes Cancer!

    Dear Priya

    Thanks for watching. It’s not for nothing that Chattisgarh is witnessing so much violence today. This issue has existed for over 20 years, yet the government hasn’t felt the need of providing any medical aid yet.

  23. Walhe's Untouched
    Leprosy Patients

    Thanks Shrutika. You had helped Rohini become an IndiaUnehard correspondent, so a lot of credit goes to you!

  24. Women Celebrate
    Freedom Fest

    Thank you Kiran. For someone like Rohini who lives in a village where nobody knows what is a video website and who has never held a camera before, this is a long, long step forward. And your kind comments are nothing but words of great encouragement for her!

  25. Walhe's Untouched
    Leprosy Patients

    Thank you Shrutika, not just for watching or commenting, but for helping Rohini become a community correspondent in the first place. IndiaUnheard and our whole Video Volunteers team is grateful to you for helping us find these talented men and women who have turned out to be true community spokespersons!